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Products and Services

As one of the UK's largest web hosts, Tsohost offer a variety of products and services. This page explores these in depth, including regularly-updated pricing information and discount and promo codes allowing you to save the most money on your purchases.

Note: prices on this page are excluding VAT, which is 20% in the UK.

Last updated: May 2022

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Cloud Hosting

Fast, flexible and secure plans designed to help you get online and manage your site with ease.

The most popular of Tsohost's products, their UK Cloud Web Hosting is broken down into four plans: Personal, Startup, Business and eCommerce.

As standard, all cloud packages have the following features:

Here is a breakdown of the main features of Tsohost's cloud plans:

Personal Startup Business eCommerce
Price /mo £1.34 £2.92 £6.59 £18.02
Storage 500MB 15GB 50GB 100GB
Mailboxes 5 x 200MB 100 x 200MB 100 x 1GB Unlimited x 10GB
Basic Migration 1 1 3 3
SSL Let's Encrypt Let's Encrypt Free standard SSL Free standard SSL
Promo code personal startup business ecommerce
Price /mo Storage Mailboxes Basic Migration SSL Promo code
Personal £1.34 500MB 5 x 200MB 1 Let's Encrypt personal
Startup £2.92 15GB 100 x 200MB 1 Let's Encrypt startup
Business £6.59 50GB 100 x 1GB 3 Free standard SSL business
eCommerce £18.02 100GB Unlimited x 10GB 3 Free standard SSL ecommerce

In addition, the eCommerce plan offers two free eCommerce migrations.

Complex Business Hosting

Bespoke server solutions and IaaS - designed and managed by experienced system engineers.

While Tsohost's cloud plans are ideal for small to medium size businesses, larger businesses with more demanding needs will benefit from Tsohost's Complex Server Hosting solutions, offering bespoke solutions built on business' individual needs and requirements, assessed after a friendly consultation.

Built by Tsohost's highly-trained and experienced engineers, they are able to take care of server maintenance, OS updates, and security and software patches. You receive guaranteed high performance and network uptime, and full flexibility to enable you to adapt and scale to your future needs.

While their complex solutions are tailored to individual business needs, they can offer state-of-the-art load balancing, web and database servers, and even a dedicated Juniper SRX Firewall.

Their popular complex solutions include:

Find out more at Tsohost, or arrange a consultation.

WordPress Hosting

Optimised WordPress Hosting with quick one click setup.

Optimised to run WordPress as efficiently as possible, and designed to deliver blazingly fast load speeds, unparalleled uptime and the highest security.

Tsohost offer a one-click installer, so you can be up and running in minutes, with your own WordPress blog or website. Plus, their support are always on hand to help you out should you run into difficulties or need friendly advice.

They have over 600,000 WP installs to date, so you can't doubt their experience!

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Magento Hosting

Our Magento hosting gives unprecedented performance to all eCommerce shops.

Magento is the world's number one eCommerce platform — it's open source, flexible and incredibly easy to use. Magento is incredibly popular with small and medium businesses, and ideal for any online shop regardless of budget.

Tsohost offer three Magento plans:

  1. eCommerce — £19.99/mo — Their Shared option, with 20GB SSD storage and allowing up to 20 hosted websites.
  2. Super Size+ VPS — £146.66/mo — Their Virtual option, with 120GB SSD, 5GB DDR4 RAM, and unlimited hosted websites.
  3. Magento DS — £228.23/mo — Their Dedicated option, with 2 x 960GB SSDs, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and unlimited hosted websites.

Plus, every plan comes with 3 free basic migrations, and 1 free eCommerce migration!

Ghost Hosting

Powerful and secure hosting complete with Ghost pre-installed.

From £2.99/mo, Tsohost offer hosting optimised for the Ghost blogging platform, with Ghost pre-installed for your convenience, and 24/7 support available to assist you. This is a good option if you're interested in setting up a simple, no-frills blog, and don't have a great deal of experience with other Content Management Systems.

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Joomla Hosting

Safe, reliable and super fast hosting solutions for new and established Joomla sites.

With plans ranging from £7.35 to £228 per month, Tsohost Joomla plans cater to all needs. Their most popular Joomla Large VPS plan features a free eCommerce migration, 40GB SSD, 800GB bandwidth, 2x Xeon Core CPUs, and 1.5GB DDR4 RAM for only £64.16 a month, plus unlimited hosted websites.

PrestaShop Hosting

High performance hosting solutions for PrestaShop stores of all shapes and sizes.

Fully optimised PrestaShop hosting plans, guaranteeing blazingly fast loading times, unparallelled uptime and industry standard encryption and security, plus PCI and GDPR compliance. Prices range from £7.33 to £228.24/mo, suiting businesses large and small.

Virtual Private Servers

The perfect solution for your website to flourish in a semi-isolated environment.

Tsohost have Regular (£39.99), Large (£69.98) and Super Size (£99.99) VPS plans, all with a 99.9% Uptime SLA.

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Dedicated Servers

Focus on building your business - while we take care of managing your server.

A complete range of fully managed dedicated servers, both Linux and Windows, to meet any business' needs. Prices range from £249 to £749 a month, and all feature the following:

Domain Names

Every website needs a domain name; the personalised address a user types into their browser, or finds via a search engine, to access your site. It's your home on the Web.

Tsohost offer a wide variety of TLDs — over 500! If you pay for a cloud hosting package with Tsohost, they throw in a free 1-year domain name too.

SSL Certificates

Although every plan comes with free Let's Encrypt SSL support, Tsohost also offer SSL Certificates for those who need something above and beyond Let's Encrypt. Search engines like Google are now penalising websites that serve content insecurely, over HTTP, so an SSL certificate is essential if you're looking to improve your SEO, whether it's for your blog, personal website or business.

From £41.66 to £191.66 a year, Tsohost SSL certs provide a warranty of $100,000 to $500,000 and use 256-bit AES encryption, with support for 99.9% of browsers so you can receive that much sought green browser padlock icon!